The Modernist Book Club

The Modernist Book Club

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Welcome to the Literati & Light Book Club. 

The Book Club is a monthly subscription service where we post out a selected, literary-inspired 240g candle every month to each of our subscribers. The candles are made from sustainably-sourced soy wax and British beeswax with bespoke fragrances that tell scented stories.

Three month and six month subscriptions are available. Every candle will come with a lid in a complimentary colour, and will be posted out free of charge on the 10th day of the month*.

You can become a Book Club member yourself or you can subscribe on another’s behalf as a gift.

Join the Literati & Light Book Club today and start exploring our library of scented stories…

All subscriptions have the added benefit of a free lid with each candle and free postage every month.

* Orders must be placed by the 8th of the month to be included in that month's subscription. If the 10th falls on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday then the candles will be posted out on the 11th of the month.

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