Literati & Light create premium candles that are inspired by great works of literature. We select fragrance notes from literary texts and create expertly blended fragrances that really do tell a scented story. We follow ethical and environmentally friendly business practices to ensure that, like the writers and the artists that inspire us, we create candles that enhance rather than detract from the world we share.

Our candles are created from a blend of high quality soy and natural beeswax to give a superior hot and cold fragrance throw whilst providing a clean, safe, and long-lasting burn. Cotton wicks minimise soot and allow each candle to burn evenly. For total control over the production process, Literati & Light candles are carefully hand poured using artisan techniques. We package our candles in boxes and tissue paper that have been made from recycled materials.

Every Literati & Light fragrance has been created from a mixture of essential oils and high grade safe synthetic fragrances and each drop of wax contains the maximum amount of fragrance.

These carefully selected ingredients combine to create long-lasting, highly scented candles that recreate the stories of the past in fragrance.

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