Our Story

Literati & Light was born of two great loves: fragrance and literature. The founder of Literati & Light, a long-term lover of all things fragrant, cut her teeth creating artisan products for the luxury home fragrance market. She left the industry to follow her passion for books and undertake a PhD in 20th century literature. Whilst completing her research she began to be obsessed by a simple idea: if she were able to step inside the books she read then what might those stories smell like?

Inspired to explore the idea further she began to read books with her nose tuned to the fragrances that each text contained. She wanted not only to imagine those fragrances, but to actually smell them and to find a way to share those fragrances with the world and so it was that Literati & Light was born. Literati & Light combines our founder's understanding of artisan techniques with a reverence for the literature that inspires her, to create luxury home fragrance products that tell the scented stories of the past.

The Literati & Light story continues …