Lighthouse  240g/50-hour burn candle   sea salt, driftwood, and hyacinth


240g/50-hour burn candle

sea salt, driftwood, and hyacinth

Learn the art of candle making ...

In our candle making workshops the candle makers of Literati & Light will come and show you how to create your own hand-poured artisan candle. They will guide you through the process of candle-making and explain how each ingredient and step in the production inflects the final product. The candles created will be made from sustainable soy wax and British beeswax and will be scented with a fragrance from Literati & Light's carefully curated library of fragrances. Each Literati & Light fragrance is inspired by a great work of literature and participants will have a choice of two of Literati & Light's best-selling fragrances in each workshop.

With readings from the works that inspired the fragrances, Literati & Light workshops bring together literary musings with artisan craftsmanship to soothe the senses and inspire the mind.

In our standard 'Novel' 90-minute workshops, each participant creates their own 240g/50-hour burn candle scented with their preferred fragrance and topped with their choice of a polished sterling silver lid or a wooden lid handcrafted in Wales from beech. In our 'Shorter Fiction' 60-minute workshops, participants will create a 90g/20-hour burn votive candle.

Literati & Light candle making workshops are perfect for a wide range of events and occasions. If you are interested in hosting a Literati & Light candle making workshop please get in touch with us via our email address to discuss your requirements.